For those that don't know, I'm currently single. This little fact has been sitting on my facebook page for a little while, since it seemed to make sense to keep my profile fairly accurate even though I don't tend to use the service as much as most others.

I have a problem though. Since changing my status awhile ago, every time I use facebook, I have advertisements for dating websites and singles parties.... on every page. While this wouldn't normally bug me (since I tend to ignore all ads anyways) the part that annoys me is that this is the ONLY type of advertising I am served. How about some ads about upcoming movies or concerts and events that are happening in my area? How about some of the standard penis enlargements, porn and herbal treatment ads? Travel ads to get me out of here? how about some military propaganda - shoot those terrorists?? How about anything other than just, "you're single, want to meet other sufferers"?

Being single is not a disease and it doesn't really bug me that I am currently not seeing anyone. So why does Facebook seem to think its such an important void in my life that it must fill it? I've even considered changing my status just to stop the ads, surprisingly it just changed the focus of them to my newly changed relationship status. Not to mention having to explain to all my friends that I actually am still single and the facebook just couldn't accept me for that.

I am more than my relationship status and being single is not a crime.

If clicking on the picture of the hot girl, who is "in my area and looking for a good time", actually got me a date with her sometime this month, then maybe I wouldn't mind it so much..... Facebook Bug Report!

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