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I'm trying to get a project management module started for Drupal - here is where I am starting the discussions

project management,drupal, Projectpier and growing fame

hi Ryan,
Well I noticed this thread on Drupal forums when I was looking for a way to handle Project Management in Drupal. So I noticed your name -rcross- who started the thread, and I followed it thread to the unresolved end(?).

Then since I also along the way installed Projectpier (liking its simplicity, and ashamed to say it's similarity to Basecamp - which I can't afford right now, plus I prefer self-hosted which you have asserted as part of the strategy) I bucked up on 'Founder of ProjectPier interviewed' and saw Now this kinda makes you famous. In my book anyway. OK at least vaguely and virtually familiar.

Now what I haven't noticed much - but then i haven't thoroughly looked - is how Drupal and Projectpier **will** integrate. There is a feeling of inevitablity about it in my bones. YOU being of course a lynchpin in all this.

So in this hope, despite fiddling with everything from ClockingIT(good but prefer to self host and I aint 'git'-lit(erate)) to dotproject (very thorough but complicated enough to put off my colleagues), I feel inclined to 'support' PP. Normally of course I would think I have nothing to offer by way of support without programming skills. But as a user. PP 'feels' good. I am very hungry for lots of features that I'd like to see on it. However most of this hunger comes from bloated expectations buillt around the traditional models, tried, tested and sold as Project Management tools. While I appreciate many of the tools are useful. You have also cleverly recognised a niche in simplicity. This may get us started as a small organisation in to the very principle of online project collboration. So even our our needs outgrow and outpace PP, then the commercial industry will have a project like yours to thank for this.

Now, since reading your interview, (i read the whole thing - yes you are famous now), I really like and buy into the very intelligent and clear approach you describe around simplicity. This is reflected in the functionaity of PP. Like I said, I would be hungry for features, and was being put off but the absence of modules and extensions on the PP site. However starting simple is a good idea. I will try to work with this. Something 'feels' right about PP. I will be patient and wait for the API and the community of developers to grow that 'ecosystem' you mentioned. [I also note that ActiveCollab has a neat set of features since going commercial + I was very impressed by your diplomatic take on Ilija's move]

My support will be in trying to use it for our needs. And it's simplicity is more likely to encourage use amongst my small team of colleagues, who are not into p***ing around with the programs and just wanna use them to get the job done. And also I may try putting in Feature Requests , bug reports etc. I normally feel that this is a bit rich if you(Me) can't do anything with them. However I guess this is part of the ecosystem.

I've been drawn to Drupal in looking for a user-friendly way to have a portal to an intranet which would take us to the Project Management tool (let's say ProjectPier). Something seamless, editable , extensible, easy to add content etc. While it seems Drupal is going to take a bit of learning. I hope that investment will pay off with some integration to PP.

Nice work Mr Cross and good luck with developments on Projectpier. I hope to 'see' you on the forums. And if you do decide to go commecial don't forget to leave a fork for the poor-man coming up to rake in his daily crumbs. And if you never hear from me again. I hope this spurs you on to take that next step. API/Plug-in framework did you say?

(now I'm sure you will direct me to that massive thread on Drupal integration)

Submitted by rob (not verified) on Tue, 01/07/2008 - 11:10am.

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