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If anyone isn't aware, I'm the guy behind the ProjectPier Project Management and Collaboration Software Project. I recently added a feature to the website which will allow me to aggregate various news and blog feeds from around the web and display them for people on the site. So, I figured I better blog something so I can add myself as a feed =)

Anyone interested should check out the site and feel free to let me know how you like it.

ProjectPier and aC to Drupal?

Hi Ryan,

mcneelycorp on #drupal just pointed me here, after I asked the question "what's the best way to start porting aCollab to Drupal," -and as I was midway into writing a rather frustrated piece on the aC forums.

To be very brief, it seems to me that the closed-source aC is now mired down -- such that the likelyhood of getting even minor improvements, such as a robust search/views of tasks and tickets, is unlikely to occur in short order; and to be frank, the closed nature of development means the (admirable) project can't evolve to meet the needs of the PM community-- that's a way of saying that the small base of developers don't have experience with the needs of a lot of workgroups, and can't/won't build for them.

Moving the whole thing to Drupal, and embracing "a node is a node is a node," seems to me the way to proceed.


Submitted by 1.kenthomas on Sun, 23/03/2008 - 7:47am.
great project,thanks

great project,thanks

Submitted by bukmacher (not verified) on Mon, 16/11/2009 - 7:32am.

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