Drupal Meetup / Presentation on Views & Events

Tonight there was the december sydney drupal meetup. I gave a presentation about using Views and Events, so I have attached it here for people to get a copy of. I had a fun time and met some really neat people, so I hope to see everyone again next month.

In addition there were a few comments about some other work. ProjectPier is the project management software that I am leading. Also, James Cross, Inc. is the site that I mentioned where I have combined dynamic and static content into a single site. Feel free to ask me more questions here or in the groups page.


DrupalViewsEventPres.pdf6.95 MB
Damn it

I forgot the meetup.

BTW what's the name of the project you told me about? The startup one? Twitter eats my DMs after a page or two of them. :(

Submitted by Laurel Papworth (not verified) on Sat, 24/01/2009 - 7:24pm.

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