New Products

So, I found some interesting products and things today. The first is the
"Blackdog" a nifty handheld linux server that allows you to carry all your
preferences, programs, etc in your palm. Plus, with the nifty biometric
security you can keep it all protected easily.

The second is my always-on quest for good programs. Today I found open
workbench an opensource (yes, I like free stuff) for Project Management. It supposedly integrates with computer associates
enterprise software, and I have yet to figure out if it is biased towards IT
related projects but its still nifty. CA also has another nifty project I
found out about awhile back called Eclipse, which is trying to be an
"everything" software framework - we'll see.

I had some more thoughts about my "office productivity innovation", but I'll
have to post that in detail later.

For reference, I also found the opensource gantt project pretty nifty too -
and may or maynot be better than openworkbench, I haven't tested the new one
out yet.

Till tomorrow -

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