Getting Started

So, I realized that I need to add stuff here if I ever want anyone to read it. That includes posting pictures, putting up my blog regularly, customizing the site, etc etc. So, this is a start. I've started classifying the site based on the different sections of my life and the different purposes of this site. I want something to keep in touch with all my friends and family and just to express myself personally - so that will be the personal side of this site. I also need a place, well, want a place - where I can post stuff about my research and phd progress - this is kind of a fine line with some of the personal stuff but it deserves its own category. I also have a professional image to uphold - mainly for computer consulting, web design and other employment related stuff. In addition, there are also some business ideas/ventures that I am working on so there will be that stuff too - in fact, i think i might set it up as a incubation section since it might also have other projects and ideas that I'm working on that may not turn into business ventures. So, anyways, hopefully this is the start of a new day.

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