Just a note that I have changed the general look of my website and introduced some new features to make commenting easier (and with less moderation effort). I'm planning on redeveloping the site completely in the near future, so I won't prattle on now.

Also, check out the latest project of mine Activity Horizon - Finding Activities To Do! its really neat.

Geek, Nerd, Dreamer, Traveller, Engineer, Crazy...

In truth, I am primarily a web developer and entrepreneur.

As a web developer, I primarily focus on open source solutions specifically in Drupal, WordPress, and several other systems. I run a small team of developers who also focus in these areas and we built both small and large projects. You can see some examples in my portfolio

If you would like to engage me and my team to build a project for you, please use my contact form

I am the leader of the open source software project, ProjectPier. It is a web-based collaboration platform that you can use to share messages, files, milestones, and task lists. Written in php, it supports multiple language and many other features.

I also run a small startup called OpenOnDemand, which specializes in making open source software simple, safe, and convenient for small businesses. We currently offer a CRM system that can be setup in seconds and tailored to your needs all for a small flat fee each month.

You can read my various ramblings about tech, business, and anything else on my blog

Coming Soon!
Here are some details in the mean time:

Site: The site was built on Drupal and modeled after other successful open source projects. Offering tools such as individual issue trackers for the core product and each contributed component, community powered books, discussion forums, etc. My role was as technical lead and primary implementation, with most of the graphics/theme done by a contributor. Current role involves maintenance and administration of the site with the help of a few moderators
Software Project: The software is a custom PHP application with a MVC-style architecture. Similar to Basecamp, it is aimed at project management and online collaboration for teams/clients in small to medium businesses. My role is project founder and lead developer. Contributing developers are from across the world, with ~30-50 contributors in varying capacities.

New Matilda
This is a medium size website based on Drupal, though probably one of the bigger new media sites in Australia. My role is mostly deployment, ongoing maintenance, performance optimization, functional enhancements, and code refactoring. An early achievement was reducing page load time by a factor of 2 and identified the possibility of reducing the size of the DB load by a factor of 8. Other work includes adding AJAX to some areas, infrastructure management, and debugging email and advertising integrations.

Cochlear – Binaural
This is a micro-site or campaign-site based on Drupal that is a complimentary part of the international cochlear web-presence, specifically aimed at the Asia-Pacific area. My role was to develop systems architecture for supporting the migration of multiple regional websites in the RedDot CMS to a single installation of Drupal that supported multiple languages/regions. I developed prototypes with their internal developers and involved working with their global marketing team and the teams across each region. I also advised on other best practices for using Drupal in their organization. This site represented a pilot project for testing this platform and converting their existing designs into a Drupal theme. They are still in the process of rolling out the unified corporate presence on Drupal.

Saddlebrook Development
This is a small Drupal website for a construction development project – primarily aimed at investors and potential early buyers. My role in this was complete solution delivery – including overall design, media asset management/manipulation, draft copy writing, server/domain administration, Drupal setup and customization, plus ongoing enhancements and maintenance.

Activity Horizon
This site was built and launched in <24hrs by a team of 6 strangers. We have made a few additions and fixes since then, but there is still plenty on the todo list. This project was developed as a hybrid of Perl and PHP, primarily based on the CakePHP framework. My role was effectively team lead and technical architect/integration. It includes features for geolocation, AJAX, url shortening, data scraping, and maps integration. Other features have also be designed/built on the backend but not made available or completed for the public yet such as user management system, statistics/tracking, and user contributed data.

Pyrmont Village Community
This site was built on WordPress and designed to be very SEO friendly. My role was 2 fold, first to develop the redesigned theme and add new functionality and second, when increased site traffic caused problems for the server, to manage the setup and migration of the site (and another site,, which I also worked on in similar capacity) on new hosts while minimizing downtime. I also managed another developer in this project.

Productivity Commission, Australian Federal Gov't
This site was built from concept to completion with a full press launch in 1 week. Designed to facilitate communication and feedback on policy with the general public, the site desired powerful community management tools. The site required a custom theme and some custom module development with an eye towards performance.

Screen Producers Association of Australia
A non-profit with limited resources, this site was an exercise in value engineering - providing the most effective solution to meet the needs of the organization while staying within a very tight budget. This site aims to provide a complimentary online venue for attendees of a large annual industry conference to share their work, network, and collaborate in a social manner.


So, I found some interesting products and things today. The first is the
"Blackdog" a nifty handheld linux server that allows you to carry all your
preferences, programs, etc in your palm. Plus, with the nifty biometric
security you can keep it all protected easily.

The second is my always-on quest for good programs. Today I found open
workbench an opensource (yes, I like free stuff) for Project Management. It supposedly integrates with computer associates
enterprise software, and I have yet to figure out if it is biased towards IT
related projects but its still nifty. CA also has another nifty project I
found out about awhile back called Eclipse, which is trying to be an
"everything" software framework - we'll see.

I had some more thoughts about my "office productivity innovation", but I'll
have to post that in detail later.

For reference, I also found the opensource gantt project pretty nifty too -
and may or maynot be better than openworkbench, I haven't tested the new one
out yet.

Till tomorrow -

Hey Everyone, I've started my homepage again at let see if some of mynew found space actually gets used.

Since I am too dumb to be able to post these without attachments, click on the damn link.

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