Just a note that I have changed the general look of my website and introduced some new features to make commenting easier (and with less moderation effort). I'm planning on redeveloping the site completely in the near future, so I won't prattle on now.

Also, check out the latest project of mine Activity Horizon - Finding Activities To Do! its really neat.

So, I had a problem tonight with the Calibre ebook software. Essentially, I created a new library for a friend of mine on a USB drive. I then shut down Calibre and ejected the drive for my friend to take with them. The problem came when I went to start Calibre again, and it stalled on startup. i thought something had been corrupted, when I noticed there was an error dialog box underneath the startup image. There error basically said that it couldn't find the library file at the old USB path, and it couldn't create a fresh library at that location because of permissions (the drive wasn't there anymore). After hitting ok on the error message, the application would then terminate.

* There didn't seem to be any way to change preferences at the point in the startup routine where it was getting stuck
* There was no documentation about alternate startup approaches that I could find
* I tried dragging both the library folder and actual database file onto the application, hoping it would recognise the different path.
* I also messed about with a few other random ideas, but nothing really seemed to work

So, what to do?

Finally, I started trying command line approaches. You can't very easily pass a parameter to Mac App (which are actually folders) since you need to use the "open" command on them. A little more searching, and I even found some documentation about command-line parameters at

But, nothing about how to use them on a Mac.

So, what you have to do is actually go into the folder to /Applications/

(First, open Then type.... )

cd /Applications/

Then run

./calibre --with-library=/path/to/your/library

in my case,

./calibre --with-library=/Users/ryan/Calibre\ Library/

It might pop out a warning on the command line, but once the app opens using your correct library then you can close it and open it again normally by opening from the Mac Graphical interface.

Hope this helps someone else.... or that calibre implements a fix that makes it easier to choose an alternate library location on startup.

It would seem that you should also be able to work around this issue by editing the preferences files (which I couldn't find the location of initially and didn't seem to be documented anywhere in the user manual).

Look in /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences/calibre/

in my case, /Users/ryan/Library/Preferences/calibre/ and edit the library_path variable - on a side note, I would imagine the database_path variable is deprecated since it points to a nebulous file name.

So, in case anyone is wondering - I'm no longer single. Fact, I haven't been single for a long time now. But my post about Facebook ads may be misleading, especially considering that Facebook still thinks i need more hot girls in my life.

Lets get something straight, I'm very happy with the current hot girl in my life so you can stop asking me, Facebook.

So, its probably a bit obvious that this blog isn't the most up-to-date website in the world. However, it appears that when I do post people actually find it useful/enjoyable and some even make comments on it. Until recently, I wasn't directly notified of comments and since so many of the comments were spam, I didn't check the comments that regularly.

Well, no more!

I have made tweaks to the system so that I will start getting email notifications about comments (which means I'll actually respond). I've also enabled the ability for commenters to be notified as well if they like. Hope this makes a strong improvement.

For those that don't know, I'm currently single. This little fact has been sitting on my facebook page for a little while, since it seemed to make sense to keep my profile fairly accurate even though I don't tend to use the service as much as most others.

I have a problem though. Since changing my status awhile ago, every time I use facebook, I have advertisements for dating websites and singles parties.... on every page. While this wouldn't normally bug me (since I tend to ignore all ads anyways) the part that annoys me is that this is the ONLY type of advertising I am served. How about some ads about upcoming movies or concerts and events that are happening in my area? How about some of the standard penis enlargements, porn and herbal treatment ads? Travel ads to get me out of here? how about some military propaganda - shoot those terrorists?? How about anything other than just, "you're single, want to meet other sufferers"?

Being single is not a disease and it doesn't really bug me that I am currently not seeing anyone. So why does Facebook seem to think its such an important void in my life that it must fill it? I've even considered changing my status just to stop the ads, surprisingly it just changed the focus of them to my newly changed relationship status. Not to mention having to explain to all my friends that I actually am still single and the facebook just couldn't accept me for that.

I am more than my relationship status and being single is not a crime.

If clicking on the picture of the hot girl, who is "in my area and looking for a good time", actually got me a date with her sometime this month, then maybe I wouldn't mind it so much..... Facebook Bug Report!

For anyone not paying attention, FireFox 3 was released today and they are working on achieving the Guinness World Record of the most downloads in a 24hr period. Hurry Up!

You can be part of the record by downloading it from or

If you haven't heard of if, try out the Firefox Web browser from Mozilla. It's a better Web experience -- Faster, Safer, and More Secure.

I was interviewed near the end of last year about ProjectPier and some of its history. It ended up being rather long, so they weren't able to use it all. I have decided that it would be useful and some people might find it interesting if I posted the whole thing. Keep in mind that it was done awhile ago, so it might sound a bit dated. Without any further adieu, here it is below

If anyone isn't aware, I'm the guy behind the ProjectPier Project Management and Collaboration Software Project. I recently added a feature to the website which will allow me to aggregate various news and blog feeds from around the web and display them for people on the site. So, I figured I better blog something so I can add myself as a feed =)

Anyone interested should check out the site and feel free to let me know how you like it.

Tonight there was the december sydney drupal meetup. I gave a presentation about using Views and Events, so I have attached it here for people to get a copy of. I had a fun time and met some really neat people, so I hope to see everyone again next month.

In addition there were a few comments about some other work. ProjectPier is the project management software that I am leading. Also, James Cross, Inc. is the site that I mentioned where I have combined dynamic and static content into a single site. Feel free to ask me more questions here or in the groups page.


Its small pleasures in life - I was reading an article on, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I came across a word I didn't really know. I had an inkling from the context, but when I went to highlight the word to check the definition via a google search I found that my simple double click to highlight the word popped up a new window that presented the definition to me in the same way that I would've normally seen it (powered by So, I just wanted to say, "I like!" because its something little like this that can improve the intelligence and knowledge of its users/readers and I like to think that helps the world as a whole in some small way. Good Job, NY Times!

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